Hotel Centrale


For many years we have used the same hotel as our base in Riva, the Hotel Centrale. The flexibility the hotel shows us with everything from using part of the lobby for our notice board, drying wet close out the windows, hosting team dinners and using their facilities for different purposes.


Obviously it is absolutely voluntarily to decide, where you wish to stay. But here are a couple of reasons why we recommend staying at the Hotel Centrale.

After sailing socialization 


Being located at the same hotel gives us even more time to debrief and talk about sailing with both parents and sailors.


Whether we meet in the lobby, outside the hotel or at dinner, the coaches are always available for a chat - and we enjoy the extra time with you!


Staying at the same hotel as a team provides a great opportunity to socialize with parents and sailors from different countries. While the parents tend to enjoy a good talk at the dinner table the sailors have fun outside the hotel at the big square.


Video analysis 


As a new feature we will have video analysis of different technical matters of from the practice on the water on Sunday and Monday from 17.30-18.30 at the Hotel Centrale.

Team dinner & awards


On Tuesday evening there will be a team dinner at the Hotel Centrale. Registration for the team dinner shall be made at the hotel lobby before Tuesday at 12.00 am.


At the dinner we will also be giving out awards and the HUGE Consul Cup Trophy also known as "The Ugly Mug". 





Adults:                         65 EURO/night half board a la carte
Children u/16:            55 EURO/night half board a la carte


Choose any two dishes for dinner from the menu card + dessert.

(may be one or two dishes with an ad-on cost, such as lobster)


If you want to use this offer, you have to book your room and pay for the room through us. We manage all contact to the Hotel and if you have any changes afterwards to your booking, you need to contact Søren Laugesen;



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