April 4th - 12th 2020

We will be practicing five days before the regatta. Sunday to Tuesday will be full practice days. Wednesday is our day off - however for those who want to get more hours on the water and maybe test out a few things before the regatta, we will run a short practice.


Skippers meetings during the regatta will be 2 hours before the first start of the day (start time will be posted at the official notice board).


RIGGED AND READY for all skippers meetings!!

Saturday 13.00-16.00: Optional warm-up practice

Sunday 09.30-16.30: Practice

Sunday 17.30-18.30: Video Analysis


Monday 09.30-16.30: Practice

Monday 17.30-18.30: Video Analysis


Tuesday 09.30-16.30: Practice

Tuesday 19.30-: Team Dinner and prize-giving.


Wednesday 12.00-15.00: Day-off practice


Thursday: Regatta 


Friday: Regatta


Saturday: Regatta


Sunday: Regatta

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